Taking Baby Steps

This week I’ve been taking some baby steps toward my goals. For some reason, the whole notion of book promotion feels intimidating. I’m sure my fellow writers can relate. I mean, this is my fourth book, so I’m used to doing certain things to get the word out. But for The Heart of the Goddess, my goal is to expand my readership, in a big way. I’m so passionate about getting it out there into the world, because I think we really need these techniques and this wisdom in our daily lives.

I kept putting off taking action, though, because, it turns out, my tasks were too big. “Work on book promotion plan” is pretty vague. I broke it down to “schedule 5 tasks from book promotion plan.” I chose 5 smaller tasks and put them in my calendar. Today, I was at a local coffee shop which is also a bookstore, and I inquired about having my books for sale there. The “book guy” wasn’t in, but they gave me his email address, and tonight I wrote to him. They accept books on consignment, and they also have regular book signings where several local authors come and do readings and signings. That feels like a really positive step!

Quester has finished reading my Patterns In the Void draft and gave me so great feedback! He also really liked it, which I take as a good sign. He’s a Libra, and is good about giving honest feedback. Plus he enjoys books in this genre (urban fantasy).

I met with my friend who is on the worship committee at the UU church where I’ll be speaking later in the month. The plans for the service are coming along nicely, and I’ve been reading Talk Like Ted (on how to give a good speech) and making notes for the speech.

My books arrived! Well, most of them. I still have one more shipment coming, and then I’ll be fully stocked up for selling books at various events, taking them to local shops, and doing promotional giveaways. What I really need are more reviews…

I guess I’ve done more this week than I thought I had. Those baby steps can add up quickly!

I hope you have a very productive and fun week! I probably won’t check in again until next Wednesday, as this weekend will be very busy with my daughter’s 18th birthday celebration. I can’t believe my youngest is going to be 18! Time flies.

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