A Slow Start

visionboardjan17This Round has gotten off to a somewhat slow start, but hey, I’m not really complaining.

My most exciting thing lately is that I started a new bullet journal, and after doing it for a week, I love it! I also created my vision board for 2017, and my word of the year is LUMINOUS. So, really I’ve been mostly focusing on things that are getting me ramped up for the year ahead.

Which, second only to my daughter’s birthday, is my favorite thing about January.

So, as far as my goals go, here’s where I’m at:

  • I ordered more book stock, thanks to a small business loan from my Dad. I’m ready for all the upcoming appearances I’ll be making.
  • My guys are reading my novel draft and have started offering their feedback, which is super helpful as I begin the revision process.
  • I’ve been keeping up with blogging thus far this year – though that’s only a week.
  • I started working on my desk de-cluttering process, and it’s going well.

That’s all I have to report for now. I hope your 2017 has gotten off to a creative start!


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