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Halfway There

Good news! I reached 60K words on my WIP draft today, which means I’m halfway to my target of about 120K words. Don’t get too excited, though – it’s taken me much longer than just this Round to get to the halfway point, and I’d like to reach my target by the end of the Round. So, lots of focus and work still left to do. But I’m feeling good about it, and ready to rock and roll.

Our first of a series of monthly workshops went well, though we had trouble finding folks who could actually attend it live. Summer is busy, and evenings are often family time. That’s okay, though, as we recorded the workshop and will offer it for sale on our website. The plan is to build a whole series, some for free and others that we’ll charge for, and have them available to those who are interested. I’d say we’ve gotten off to a good start.

My rewards this week have been a swim in the river, some blueberry cake, and a long walk (during which I played Pokemon Go, yes indeed). I’m also going out for a lobster roll with my Mom and Aunt on Friday, which will be fun.

I’m thankful for my writing going well, new inspiration, swimming, Dr. Who, good friends, deep sleep, and summer. I hope you’re doing well and reaching your goals.


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Summertime Balance

fullmoonbeachHere I am, still in my summer groove. I missed Sunday’s check-in, but I’ve still been making progress toward my goals – even though I started playing Pokemon Go with my late-teen kids. Don’t knock it, people, it’s actually a lot of fun and has me taking more walks than usual!

I’ve written 5,522 new words on my WIP since last Wednesday’s check-in. That seems pretty on-pace. I’m still making good progress with my biz stuff – getting more partners for our big project (more about that at a future date), and promoting the first of our monthly series of workshops.

Rewards for myself this week included a massage, playing Pokemon Go, and swimming in the ocean at a women’s Full Moon gathering last night (cold but so delightful!).

I’m thankful for my writing going well, my awesome accountability partner, getting outside in this amazing weather, and my family, friends, and extended clan. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by funny, loving, and inspiring people, both online and in person. You, dear reader, included! Thanks for reading my update, and may your creativity flourish!


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A Goodly Pace

fd140716lakeThis is my first check-in since the new Round began, and things are going well. I feel like I’ve finally found my balance in terms of summertime schedule. I’m getting things done at a goodly pace (that sounds so 19th century) and still taking time to enjoy the lovely weather.

I joined the Pacemaker challenge website, and I like the ability to really track my word count achievements. So far I’ve written 6,859 new words on my WIP since I started last week, which feels good.

Tonight I participated in a workshop that my biz coach did, and it was fantastic. Really helpful. Our community-building work for Feline Dreamers is going very well. We’re getting a lot of interest about the e-book collaboration we’re working on, and we’ve started promoting the first of our monthly online workshops, taking place on July 27th.

The weather here is gorgeous, so yesterday I decided to go swimming every day, for my exercise this week. I love to swim! So it’s also been sort of like a reward for after I finish my writing and biz work.

So, a positive check-in overall. I plan to keep up the momentum and the fun. I hope your week is fantastic as well!


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Shorter, More Focused Goals

Here we are, at the beginning of July, and also a new Round of writing. As it’s summer, which is traditionally a busy time around here, and since I have a lot to do, I decided to pare down my goals. I’ve kept the list shorter and more focused this time. I’m trying to integrate all the things I’m doing, so I won’t be continually trying to live up to unrealistic standards that I set for myself. I’m a Virgo, and we tend to be over-achievers, so we’ll see how well that goes…

Anyway, here’s the list:

2016 ROW 80 Round 3 Goals

Draft Heart of the Goddess book. Work on it daily (on weekdays). Finish the first draft (target of 120,000 words) by the end of August. I’m starting the Round at 44K words already written.

Re-read draft of Patterns in the Void and make revision notes. Make a plan for writing the revisions during Round 4.

Continue my craft & business learning. Participate in summer events offered by In Arms Coaching. Read at least 3 books about writing craft and/or making a living as a writer.

Build community for Feline Dreamers. Create and promote monthly online workshops. Do interviews for JV project and compile into an e-book. Complete 2 more videos for Lauren’s new website, by August 1. Sign up and prepare for presenting and vending at psychic fairs and conferences this fall. Write 4 new guided meditations.

Focus on blogging. Post to my Starcat’s Corner blog at least once per week, Feline Dreamers each month, and on this blog twice per week. Write, edit, and submit monthly guest blog posts for Kind Over Matter. Submit a guest blog proposal to Mike Dooley’s site. Start and keep a running list of blog post ideas, drafts, and picture ideas.

Enhance my physical health. Devote time to daily exercise, including but not limited to walking, yoga, dancing, hula-hooping, and swimming. Stop eating sugar. Eat less in general.

Live AUTHENTICally and spiritually in my daily life. Do things I love: write in my journal, read, do yoga, dance, spend time with loved ones, and express my gratitude. Pay attention to my dreams and keep records of them. Set intentions before sleep and upon waking. Meditate and do my chakra clearing daily.

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