Halfway There

Good news! I reached 60K words on my WIP draft today, which means I’m halfway to my target of about 120K words. Don’t get too excited, though – it’s taken me much longer than just this Round to get to the halfway point, and I’d like to reach my target by the end of the Round. So, lots of focus and work still left to do. But I’m feeling good about it, and ready to rock and roll.

Our first of a series of monthly workshops went well, though we had trouble finding folks who could actually attend it live. Summer is busy, and evenings are often family time. That’s okay, though, as we recorded the workshop and will offer it for sale on our website. The plan is to build a whole series, some for free and others that we’ll charge for, and have them available to those who are interested. I’d say we’ve gotten off to a good start.

My rewards this week have been a swim in the river, some blueberry cake, and a long walk (during which I played Pokemon Go, yes indeed). I’m also going out for a lobster roll with my Mom and Aunt on Friday, which will be fun.

I’m thankful for my writing going well, new inspiration, swimming, Dr. Who, good friends, deep sleep, and summer. I hope you’re doing well and reaching your goals.


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  1. 120K words is a good goal. Maybe I’ll aim for that on my first drafts. I tend to get the plot down and then take several more revisions to get the details filled in, so my WIP’s start at 70-90 and end close to 120. Maybe if I made myself reach for the higher number, I’d have fewer revisions to do. 😛 Maybe.

    blueberry cake and a lobster roll sound really good about now. … Not on the same plate, but, you know.

  2. Congrats on reaching 60K. I’m still hoping to meet my Camp NaNo goal of 20K … by the end of the day tomorrow.
    Loving your thankfulness list. I’m thankful for many of the same things.
    Here’s to ongoing productivity!

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