A Stately Summer Pace

lakesideIt’s been two weeks since my last update here. Time flies! I’m still working on my WIP, and that’s my main focus this Round. I’m now at 68,212 words, on my way to 120K or so. That means I’ve written 8,106 new words in the past two weeks. Not bad, but not the pace I’m looking for, if I’m to reach my goal of finishing the draft by early September. I guess it’s my stately summer pace. I want to find ways to pick up that pace, while still enjoying all the summer activities and getting other work done.

I’m not sure how to do that. I do have some research that I still need to do before writing some of the sections, so that will help. I’ve made it a priority to do that research in the near future. Other suggestions for picking up the pace are certainly welcome! It’s not that easy to do writing sprints with a non-fiction project. I might need to start scheduling multiple writing sessions in the day, since I only seem able to come up with 700 to 1000 words in each session.

My goal of building community for my business, Feline Dreamers, is going well. We’re now compiling the interviews for our Feminine Divine e-book project, and the content is fantastic. We have a bunch of really inspiring leaders who are participating. I’m very excited about that! We’re plugging along with the monthly workshops, and gradually preparing for our other upcoming events, all while keeping up with our blog and newsletter. I’m happy with our progress so far, though of course I wish we were bringing in some money.

My physical health goals are going well, too. I’ve been doing lots of swimming – in ocean, river, and lake – and walking. I’m eating less, and have lost a few pounds over the past couple of weeks. My spiritual practices are going strongly, and for the most part I’m having fun. The family is generally well, and I really can’t complain. So I won’t.

I’m writing this with my dear Percy cat on my lap, and a steady rain falling outside my window – we’ve had a bit of a drought here, so it’s much needed. It’s also good weather for getting some blogging and other tasks done. I hope your week is productive and enjoyable. Blessings!



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