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Round 3 Wrap-Up

Well, I spent the final week of the Round not doing any writing at all – but I had a good reason! We’ve been traveling. BlackLion, my daughter ElvenTiger, her boyfriend, and I all went to NYC for the Life Without Instructions unschooling conference. It was so much fun! This was the 2nd annual, and it was just as amazing and wonderful as last year. We stayed in a hotel on Staten Island. The conference wrapped up Thursday night, and on Friday we did some sight-seeing in the city. It was a blast. We’ll be posting some pictures soon on our Feline Dreamers blog.

goddess-awakening-cover-smallOur free e-book collaboration, Goddess Awakening: The Rise of the Feminine Divine, was released this past Monday, and the response has been fantastic! All the contributors are sharing with their various communities, and we’ve had 244 folks download it just in this first week. I’m thrilled! You can check it out here if you’re interested!

So, things are going well, even though I didn’t make my word count goal yet on The Heart of the Goddess book. We’ve got a lot of exciting plans falling into place for our business, and I’m still on track to release the new book in November. I feel like it was a good solid Round, especially for summer, when I tend to get distracted by outdoor fun.

Without further ado, here’s my play-by-play (sorry, BlackLion has football on so I’m hearing it in the background) wrap-up of my goals for the Round.

2016 ROW 80 Round 3 Goals

Draft Heart of the Goddess book. Work on it daily (on weekdays). Finish the first draft (target of 120,000 words) by the end of August. I’m starting the Round at 44K words already written. While I didn’t yet make my word count goal, or finish my first draft, I’m still pleased with the progress I’ve made. I worked on it mostly faithfully, and I’m now at 94,578 words, so I’ve written about 50K this Round. That’s pretty good! I’ll continue the goal and wrap up by mid-October.

Re-read draft of Patterns in the Void and make revision notes. Make a plan for writing the revisions during Round 4. I didn’t get to this at all. What’s with me and fiction, lately? I’m procrastinating. Though, to be fair, it’s not that I’m not busy.

Continue my craft & business learning. Participate in summer events offered by In Arms Coaching. Read at least 3 books about writing craft and/or making a living as a writer. I participated in a wonderful in-person workshop with my coach, but other than that it’s been a quiet summer in this regard. I’m jumping back into a coaching program soon, so I know this will ramp up.

Build community for Feline Dreamers. Create and promote monthly online workshops. Do interviews for JV project and compile into an e-book. Complete 2 more videos for Lauren’s new website, by August 1. Sign up and prepare for presenting and vending at psychic fairs and conferences this fall. Write 4 new guided meditations. Terrific success here! Our JV project, as mentioned above, is already a big success, and we’re just starting to share it. We have the monthly workshops up and running. We did one new video, with one still to go. I haven’t written any new guided meditations yet, but we will be as we roll out the workshops. People at the conference told us how much they really love our guided meditations!

Focus on blogging. Post to my Starcat’s Corner blog at least once per week, Feline Dreamers each month, and on this blog twice per week. Write, edit, and submit monthly guest blog posts for Kind Over Matter. Submit a guest blog proposal to Mike Dooley’s site. Start and keep a running list of blog post ideas, drafts, and picture ideas. I’ve slacked off a bit on blogging this summer, which isn’t unusual. I’ll be getting back to it more now that fall is here, I’m sure.

Enhance my physical health. Devote time to daily exercise, including but not limited to walking, yoga, dancing, hula-hooping, and swimming. Stop eating sugar. Eat less in general. Exercise is going really well. I need to re-focus on my healthy eating, though.

Live AUTHENTICally and spiritually in my daily life. Do things I love: write in my journal, read, do yoga, dance, spend time with loved ones, and express my gratitude. Pay attention to my dreams and keep records of them. Set intentions before sleep and upon waking. Meditate and do my chakra clearing daily. This is going super well. I’m feeling really connected, authentic, and joyful. My gratitude practice is especially powerful, and meditation is an ongoing joy. I feel very blessed!

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Book Cover Photo Shoot

yemaya4Our book cover photo shoot yesterday morning was a huge success! We got to the beach just before sunrise, and got a lot of really excellent pictures over the next hour or so. I can’t reveal the covers just yet – in one case, because Goddess Awakening: The Rise of the Feminine Divine doesn’t come out for another week, and in another case, because we haven’t finished it yet (since The Heart of the Goddess isn’t being published until November). I can, however, share this image from my phone, just to give you a little taste of what’s to come. What a gorgeous sky, huh? The purple orbs or refractions captured on my camera won’t show up on the book covers, but I think they’re kind of cool.

As for the book content, Goddess Awakening is nearly ready. Editing is almost complete. I finished the introduction and acknowledgement sections yesterday. I’m making good progress on The Heart of the Goddess draft, too. I’m now at 91,320 words on the way to 120K or so. I probably won’t finish before the end of the Round, but I’ve built in some extra time, so it’ll all work out fine.

Here are my mini-goals for this week:

  • send all marketing copy, links, and promo photos to Goddess Awakening contributors
  • finish preparing for the conference we’re attending in a week
  • make final preparations for the online workshop we’re offering on Wednesday
  • get ahead on blogging (because we’ll be gone at the conference for a week)

I’ll also be celebrating my 47th birthday with family and friends (and chocolate cake, yum!) this week. I hope you have a really fun and productive week!


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Celebrating the Oceans

fd140716purplesunset2Today I’m celebrating the Feast Day of Yemaya, Goddess of the Oceans. Some friends and I are going to our favorite beach to leave offerings. Our oceans need some love. They’ve been polluted with plastic, other trash, and chemicals. There’s a lot of attention being paid to the importance of protecting fresh water right now, and I feel that’s very valid. I also encourage the protection and clean-up of our seas. Besides watching over her beloved oceans, Yemaya is also a Goddess of healing, something else which is much needed in our world. So, blessings of healing and water to you!

Yemaya is one of the Goddesses included in my current nonfiction WIP, The Heart of the Goddess. I’m continuing to make steady progress on the draft, and I’m now at 86,300 words, on the way to a target of 120K or so. I should be able to finish the draft by the end of September or so. That will keep me on track for November publication. We’re doing the book cover photo shoot this weekend – at the ocean, of course!

My other projects are well underway, too. I’m up to date with blogging. We’re promoting our upcoming free online workshop, and working on the ebook that comes out on 9/19. I have a long list of things to do, and yet I’m staying focused and not letting myself get overwhelmed.

Wednesday gratitude: I’m thankful for the oceans, my favorite beach, Yemaya, good friends to celebrate with, rain, my beloved cats, my trusty mini-van, the progress I’m making on the book, my Mom, Quester doing the dishes, and my daughter being willing to be our book cover model. Thanks, Universe!

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Still Making Progress

I’m delighted to report that I’m still making progress on my main goal, which is the writing of my WIP, a non-fiction book called The Heart of the Goddess. Since I last wrote, on Wednesday, I’ve added another 4,325 words. Pretty much on pace with how it’s been going so far.

We’re also making progress with the e-book collaboration, Goddess Awakening. We finished the transcribing process today, and we’ve set up our book cover photo shoot for next Saturday. We had to push back our launch date just a bit, but that’s fine.

Blogging is back on track, woo hoo! I made a new schedule and have been, thus far, sticking to it. That feels good.

I’ve been swimming and walking, and enjoying the remaining days of summer. I’m not ready for it to end – not because I don’t love autumn, I truly do, but mostly because I’ll miss swimming when the air and the water get too cold. That’s okay, though. There are other things I enjoy that I can do for exercise, like dancing and yoga.

Getting back to the habit I’d had for a while of setting weekly mini-goals, mine for this upcoming week are:

  • Finish compiling the Goddess Awakening e-book.
  • Send draft sections, timeline, and marketing copy to all e-book contributors.
  • Work on my WIP at least 5 days.
  • Go swimming, walk, dance, and do yoga a combined total of 5 times.

Good luck with your own writing week!


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