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Keeping My Focus

Just a short ROW 80 check-in today. I’m happy to report that despite distractions galore, I’ve been keeping my focus on my writing and other important goals. So far this week I’ve written 2327 new words on my WIP, The Heart of the Goddess. I’ve made a new plan to get back on track with blogging, which has slipped a bit this summer. I outlined my September post for the Kind Over Matter website, which is due Friday.

Today, besides the book, I’m working on writing website and marketing copy for our free e-book collaboration, Goddess Awakening: The Rise of the Feminine Divine, which gets published on September 12th (eek! so excited!).

Okay, self, enough reporting, back to work! *cracks the whip*



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Family Birthday Fun…and Some Writing Too

This was the week of the triple birthdays – my Mom, my Aunt (who lives right next door), and my son were all celebrating. We had a fantastic triple birthday bash, with 16 people all eating outside on my Aunt’s deck. It was so much fun! We also had some friends visiting for part of the weekend, and then an annual family reunion with my Dad’s side of the family tree. So, it’s been quite a busy patch, which is normal for us for late August.

Still, I’ve made some writing progress since last Sunday. I’m now at 77,244 words on my WIP, which means I wrote 2948 words this week. Not too bad. I also had a polarity session with my favorite healer, and as a result had a bunch of personal journaling to do. I feel like I’m in a really good space right now, making progress on creative projects and upgrading my mindset in general.

Amazingly, I also got some swimming in. BlackLion and I are making plans with our fantastic photographer (aka his Mom), to do a book cover shoot soon. We’ll be doing a “two-fer,” since we need a cover for the e-book collaboration we’re working on as well as my WIP. My daughter is going to be the cover model again. This time our setting will be the seashore. Seems to go well with two works that are focused on the Feminine Divine! We now have all the material for the e-book collaboration, and we’re just working on transcribing and editing.

My focus for this week will be on writing, transcribing, and editing, and I’m rather looking forward to it. Oh, and I need to get caught up on a bit of blogging, as well. I hope you have a wonderful week, whether you’re heading on into fall mode or, like me, still savoring the last few weeks of summer.


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The Day Was a Poem

I’m a member of this Facebook group where some friends and acquaintances share gratitude lists. It ebbs and flows, with people dropping in when they feel like expressing what they love about their current moments. This week I’ve been deliberately focusing on gratitude, so I posted on the group every day. I want to share today’s post with you:

“Today was a long poem of gratitude, rest, and just BEing. I love sleeping in. I love rising slowly, and my lover making me breakfast. I love meditating, and writing in my journal. I am thankful for my home and I love keeping it tidy and pretty. I love my cats hanging around, purring, preening, sleeping, the usual cat things – and sharing their intense beauty with me. I love reading. I love taking a nap, just because my eyes got sleepy. I love the breeze flowing in my window. I love making salsa to share with my family, and making it together is fun, the laughter and kitchen ballet. I love having my kids and their loves around. I love that I worked on my book because it felt like the most fun thing to do before dinner. I love eating together and telling stories with my family. I love that we adopt people into the fold so seamlessly, and that my kids’ companions feel comfortable and cared for here. I love that BlackLion offered to go out so I could still stay in my PJs – I love staying in them all day without meaning to. I love this restful day.”

makingvideosThat’s just what I needed after a very busy week. I’m still making steady progress on the Heart of the Goddess book. My word count is now 74,296 on the way to a target of 120K. Getting there! I don’t know if I’ll finish by my self-imposed deadline or not, but luckily since I’m creating the deadline, I can move it as needed. Well, within reason. I do want this book to launch in early November.

We have nearly all the material we need for our Divine Feminine e-book collaboration. We have 14 amazing contributors, and I cannot wait to share this material with the world! It’s really fantastic. And we’re making all kinds of wonderful connections with people around it, already. I’m so excited! We also make our 4th video for another collaboration we’re part of – and discovered that even though we were very late submitting the video, it’s okay because they’ve had a delay in the launch. We’ve got some time to make our 5th video when we get to it. We had a little extra fun with this video, as you can see in the picture – that’s BlackLion about to interview my daughter ElvenTiger.

I’ve been walking and swimming a lot, still. The weather is just gorgeous. Summer in Maine – there’s nothing like it. I know I’m really blessed to live in a place that is considered a vacation destination for so many people. I’m very thankful.

I guess that’s all for now. I wish you a fun and creative week, and I hope you enjoy the final weeks of summer!


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A Stately Summer Pace

lakesideIt’s been two weeks since my last update here. Time flies! I’m still working on my WIP, and that’s my main focus this Round. I’m now at 68,212 words, on my way to 120K or so. That means I’ve written 8,106 new words in the past two weeks. Not bad, but not the pace I’m looking for, if I’m to reach my goal of finishing the draft by early September. I guess it’s my stately summer pace. I want to find ways to pick up that pace, while still enjoying all the summer activities and getting other work done.

I’m not sure how to do that. I do have some research that I still need to do before writing some of the sections, so that will help. I’ve made it a priority to do that research in the near future. Other suggestions for picking up the pace are certainly welcome! It’s not that easy to do writing sprints with a non-fiction project. I might need to start scheduling multiple writing sessions in the day, since I only seem able to come up with 700 to 1000 words in each session.

My goal of building community for my business, Feline Dreamers, is going well. We’re now compiling the interviews for our Feminine Divine e-book project, and the content is fantastic. We have a bunch of really inspiring leaders who are participating. I’m very excited about that! We’re plugging along with the monthly workshops, and gradually preparing for our other upcoming events, all while keeping up with our blog and newsletter. I’m happy with our progress so far, though of course I wish we were bringing in some money.

My physical health goals are going well, too. I’ve been doing lots of swimming – in ocean, river, and lake – and walking. I’m eating less, and have lost a few pounds over the past couple of weeks. My spiritual practices are going strongly, and for the most part I’m having fun. The family is generally well, and I really can’t complain. So I won’t.

I’m writing this with my dear Percy cat on my lap, and a steady rain falling outside my window – we’ve had a bit of a drought here, so it’s much needed. It’s also good weather for getting some blogging and other tasks done. I hope your week is productive and enjoyable. Blessings!



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