Summertime Balance

fullmoonbeachHere I am, still in my summer groove. I missed Sunday’s check-in, but I’ve still been making progress toward my goals – even though I started playing Pokemon Go with my late-teen kids. Don’t knock it, people, it’s actually a lot of fun and has me taking more walks than usual!

I’ve written 5,522 new words on my WIP since last Wednesday’s check-in. That seems pretty on-pace. I’m still making good progress with my biz stuff – getting more partners for our big project (more about that at a future date), and promoting the first of our monthly series of workshops.

Rewards for myself this week included a massage, playing Pokemon Go, and swimming in the ocean at a women’s Full Moon gathering last night (cold but so delightful!).

I’m thankful for my writing going well, my awesome accountability partner, getting outside in this amazing weather, and my family, friends, and extended clan. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by funny, loving, and inspiring people, both online and in person. You, dear reader, included! Thanks for reading my update, and may your creativity flourish!


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