A Goodly Pace

fd140716lakeThis is my first check-in since the new Round began, and things are going well. I feel like I’ve finally found my balance in terms of summertime schedule. I’m getting things done at a goodly pace (that sounds so 19th century) and still taking time to enjoy the lovely weather.

I joined the Pacemaker challenge website, and I like the ability to really track my word count achievements. So far I’ve written 6,859 new words on my WIP since I started last week, which feels good.

Tonight I participated in a workshop that my biz coach did, and it was fantastic. Really helpful. Our community-building work for Feline Dreamers is going very well. We’re getting a lot of interest about the e-book collaboration we’re working on, and we’ve started promoting the first of our monthly online workshops, taking place on July 27th.

The weather here is gorgeous, so yesterday I decided to go swimming every day, for my exercise this week. I love to swim! So it’s also been sort of like a reward for after I finish my writing and biz work.

So, a positive check-in overall. I plan to keep up the momentum and the fun. I hope your week is fantastic as well!


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