New Directions

After a couple of disappointing responses (in terms of number of participants) lately to some free online workshops we’ve been offering in my business, Feline Dreamers, I’ve been rethinking my goals and directions for 2017. Even though they are similar based on subject matter, I realized I’d kind of been approaching Feline Dreamers and my writing career separately, almost as if I had two businesses. In my coaching program, I’ve mostly focused on Feline Dreamers and the type of things we do – online and in-person workshops and courses, spiritual mentoring, that sort of thing. But my biggest passion is my writing, and in particular getting the word out about the subject of my latest book, The Heart of the Goddess, which is the rise of the Feminine Divine.

Working with my biz coach, who is amazing, I’m discovering that there is a way I can merge the two into one main focus. On the surface, it might look like my stated goals haven’t changed that much. But merging the two is really powerful for me in terms of mindset and approach. I’ll have more to say about this in future posts, I’m sure, but right now it’s still percolating on the back burner. It feels empowering.

This week I started working on revisions for my novel, Patterns In the Void. That feels really good. All of my book stock has now arrived, and so I’m ready for book sales at upcoming events and such.

Other than that, I haven’t taken new actions on my goals. Life has been taken up with my daughter’s birthday weekend, and also I got sick with a cold and have been recovering. But I’m hopeful for more progress during the rest of this week, as I’m feeling better now and much more on track.

Have a productive week!


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