Enjoying Some Family Time

Happy Mother’s Day to those of you who are Moms of any stripe! I’ve been enjoying some fun family time today with my kids and extended family. I also got to take a nap, which was helpful since I stayed up late last night watching Captain America: Civil War at the movie theater. No spoilers here, but I’ll just say it’s a fantastic movie, if you’re into that whole Marvel thing. Which I am.

I only wrote three days out of my intended five this week, but I added a weekly total of 4868 words, which is not too shabby. I’m 92 percent of the way through reading Iterate & Optimize, and I’ll finish it up this week. I purchased a self-study course called 100 Review Book Launch, and I’m excited to start it.

The copy is ready for our next workshop, and we’ve started publicizing it. Blogging is pretty well on track, and I’ve still been keeping up with my biz coaching course work. All is well in my creative world.

Here are my mini-goals for the week:

  • Work on my Heart of the Goddess book draft every weekday.
  • Continue promoting the workshop.
  • Revise and make new plans for Feline Dreamers and set priorities for next steps.
  • Give up sugar again. (Note to self: Yes, for real! This means me!)
  • Listen to live and recorded calls for my biz coaching program.

Have a fantastic week full of writing and playfulness!

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