I Don’t Even Know

riverfaeI don’t even really know how I’m doing towards my goals. Some days I feel scattered and unorganized, other days I’m off adventuring with no regard for my lists (like last Wednesday, when I didn’t remember to check in here), and on yet others I’m focused and on task. The hopeful thing is that I feel really excited about my current work in progress, and I’m one-quarter of the way through the first draft. After this week I’m at 30,166 words, on the way to around 120K total.

This week I finished reading Iterate & Optimize by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant (excellent and highly recommended) and read How I Write: Secrets of a Best-Selling Author by Janet Evanovich (quite interesting, though it’s ten years old and the info about publishing is way out of date). I’ve lagged behind a bit on my blogging goals due to going out to play in the nice weather, though I did take a bunch of new photos while I’ve been out and about. I cleaned my room today and did some more de-cluttering.

I’ve been keeping up with most of the tasks on last Sunday’s mini-goals list – except for that pesky sugar thing. I hope to quit again this week. Sugar is the true gateway drug (just kidding). Anyway, I guess I’ll keep this short and sweet (sweet, get it?).

Here’s my mini-goals list for this week:

  • Work on my Heart of the Goddess book draft every weekday.
  • Finish preparing for this weekend’s workshop.
  • Get back on track with blogging.
  • Give up sugar again. (Note to self: You can do it!)
  • Listen to live and recorded calls for my biz coaching program and do my homework.

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