Rainy Days Are Good for Writing

hikingfeetThis week has been going well so far, in terms of writing and other projects. It’s been sort of grey and rainy, which makes me feel like staying in and working on my book. I’ve added this hiking picture because I feel like I haven’t been getting as much outdoor time this week as I’d like, though. Inspiration!

Speaking of inspiration, here are this week’s celebrations so far:

  • I’ve added 3,583 new words to the Heart of the Goddess book this week, for a grand total of 25,288 out of 120K or so. Getting there!
  • I’m 82 percent of the way through reading Iterate & Optimize, and I’m learning a lot.
  • Tonight I attended an AWESOME event that is all about cool women entrepreneurs hanging out, networking, and making friends. It was my first time; my biz coach invited me. I loved it SO much and I’m thankful it’s a monthly event.
  • Listened to a recording for my biz coaching program and took lots of notes.
  • I’m so thankful for my lovely menfolk, who are my muses and inspire me every day.
  • Blogging is on track and going well.
  • BlackLion and I had some cool new ideas for our newsletter and blog, which we’ll be implementing soon.

That’s all for now. Hope the rest of your week goes swimmingly!


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