Still Re-emerging

I’m writing my ROW 80 update on Monday morning this time. I thought about skipping it entirely, but would rather stay on track with the plan. My Sunday got thrown for a bit of a loop, as my Mom had to go back to the Emergency Room once again. Happily, she got to go home and not have to be admitted, and was feeling better already by the time we got back to her place (though tired, of course).

I feel like I’m still re-emerging from my winter hibernation. I want to keep up with my goals and plans, but when I feel like I need to rest, or focus on something else, I’m allowing myself the space to do those things. My creativity and I have a solid long-term relationship, and I feel confident that my energy will return.

This past week, we finished up the Alchemy of Core Beliefs course. Our students seem really pleased with it, and it’s so thrilling to see all the insights they’ve gleaned, and to hear their plans to continue with their inner work. I did some work on both of our upcoming offerings, which are a live workshop called Spring Into Action! and our Heart of the Goddess spiritual mentoring program. I participated in a live call for my biz coaching program. I planned out my blogging schedule for March. I wrote two book reviews that I’ve had on my to-do list for a while.

I’m still doing very well with exercise and healthy eating. It’s starting to get a bit warmer, so I’ve been taking more walks, which feels really good.

I’m behind a bit on blogging, but I hope to catch back up this week.

Here are my mini-goals for the week:

  • continue to work on writing materials for the Heart of the Goddess spiritual mentoring program
  • promote our Spring Into Action workshop
  • get back on track with blogging
  • get caught up on my assignments for the biz coaching course I’m taking – listen to at least 3 recordings and take notes
  • work on getting my books into more local shops

May your week be full of joy and imagination.

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