Can It Be Spring?

ohballsIt is a lovely springlike day here in northern New England – though of course we know that it is likely just temporary, and that we’ll have more cold days and perhaps even some snow. But for today, we’ll take it! With much gratitude.

My week has been going well thus far.

Here are my Wednesday celebrations:

  • BlackLion and I took a lovely 5-mile walk today and had an impromptu Feline Dreamers biz meeting. We cleared up some areas that were needing our attention and made some awesome plans for our upcoming offerings.
  • I worked on the Heart of the Goddess program, mostly doing some research and taking notes. It’s going really well.
  • I drafted an outline for our upcoming Spring Into Action! workshop, and sent it to BlackLion and the woman we are co-hosting with. We have a meeting with her tomorrow and I’m excited to finalize plans for the workshop. I also did some promotion for it, and will be doing more.
  • I’m about to write on my Starcat’s Corner blog after I finish this post. So blogging is going along as planned.
  • I bought the new Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant book, Iterate and Optimize, and look forward to starting it tonight. I love those guys.

How’s your week going? I wish you lots of inspired writing sessions!


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