That Was Fast

Anyone else feeling like this week went by super fast? Actually, that May itself is just speeding by? Oh, good, so it’s not just me, then.

In my last post I mentioned bullet journaling, and someone asked what it was. It’s basically a method of making a customized day-planner-slash-journal-slash-to-do-list that you can tailor to your needs. This link will take you to the official site by the inventor, but if this topic intrigues you, I suggest looking for bullet journal videos on YouTube. There are some amazing creations out there! Many people like to make theirs a work of art, though you can also use it in a really utilitarian way. I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle.

So, on to the ROW 80 update. Let’s see, what did I accomplish this week?

I had a book signing event on Tuesday, with a couple of other authors. I was invited to participate by a friend who teaches yoga. Each of us talked for about 10 minutes, and my portion seemed to be well received. We had about a dozen attendees. I only sold one book there, but we all get the email addresses of the attendees, so we can follow up with them and ask if they’d like to join our mailing list.

I worked on novel revisions only once this week. It’s going well, though. I just had a very packed-full week. BlackLion and I recorded our bi-weekly podcast, plus a re-do of a short video, and all the raw video for a virtual workshop. So that was good to accomplish. BlackLion is doing the production part, so it’s out of my hands for now, which is also good. I did tweak the marketing copy I’ve been working on, with help from my biz coach. That will be useful in helping us get the word out about our books, videos, and other offerings.

On Thursday and Friday I attended the quarterly business retreat my biz coach offers. There were 20 of us total. “Quarterly business retreat” might sound a bit dry and boring, but it’s actually super fun and amazing. I got so many new insights, offers to collaborate, and concrete plans for the next nine months. It was awesome! Now to implement all of this cool stuff…

This weekend has been full of family time and also some down time to integrate all that I’ve been learning. So I didn’t get to any new writing or revising, but that’s okay. This coming week I’ll have more time to work on the novel revisions. I’m also going to start setting aside regular time for writing copy. It’s such a different way of writing, and one that I want to get better at – I keep telling folks “I can write a whole book, but ask me to summarize it in a paragraph or two and I’m lost!” I figure having more time to practice will help me get better at being succinct (and compelling). And we have a lot of copy to write for our website update, so this will help me stay on top of it.

My daily movement challenge (dancing and hula-hooping) is going well. We had a really hot day on Thursday, and after I got home from the retreat I went swimming outdoors (in a local pond) for the first time this year! It felt so good.

I hope your week is filled with creativity, fun, and sunshine!

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