A Week of Adventures

birchesI had quite a busy week. I’m a Pagan, and this is a holiday week for me and my clan. Today we spent time dancing around (and drumming for) the maypoles at the beach, enjoying a huge community potluck, and laughing with friends. Mayday, or Beltane, is about celebrating the fertility of spring and nature becoming green and lovely again. Of course, this is Maine, and it was actually kind of cold on the beach today. But that didn’t stop us from having a lovely time!

This week I also went to the beach with a friend who is moving away. We had a picnic and a fun walk. And I drove up north a couple of hours to visit with some other dear friends. With all that adventure, I’m surprised I had time for any writing.

But I did! I completed my monthly post for Kind Over Matter, wrote 4433 new words for the Heart of the Goddess draft, wrote a blog post for Feline Dreamers, worked at my bridge job, and kept up with my coaching course. I’m at 74 percent of the way through Iterate & Optimize, which isn’t much further than last time, but that’s okay.

I’ve been exercising a lot, though I’ve also been eating sugar recently and need to ditch it again and get back on track.

Overall, life is going well and I’m excited about my creative projects. This week I have more time to work on stuff (um, hopefully!), as my schedule isn’t quite so dang full.

Here are my mini-goals for the week:

  • Work on my Heart of the Goddess book draft every weekday.
  • Write copy and content for our next Feline Dreamers workshop (on 5/21), and publicize it.
  • Give up sugar again.
  • Listen to live and recorded calls for my biz coaching program.

Have a fun week and get outdoors in the lovely spring world (or fall crispness, depending on where you live)!

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