Back On the Path

crescentbeachIn terms of getting stuff done towards my goals, I’m just going to pretend that last week didn’t happen. Because mostly, it didn’t. This week has been much better.

Here are my Wednesday celebrations:

  • So far this week, I’ve written every day on the Heart of the Goddess book. I’ve added 3721 new words. It feels good, and I’ve got some momentum on it now. The grand total so far is 15,109 words.
  • I’m 52 percent of the way through reading Iterate & Optimize.
  • I finished the annoying personal paperwork that I mentioned in my last update.
  • Exercising is going well. The weather has been nice, and I’ve been taking some lovely walks. The photo is from today’s jaunt to the beach.
  • My biz coaching program has been going well. I’m learning more and more every week, sometimes every day.
  • All of my daily practices are going along fine.
  • I’m trying a new way of scheduling my time, which so far is working. It’ll go nicely with the bullet journaling, too, when I get to that point.

I wish you a week full of words and imagination!

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