A Game-Filled Weekend

riverfaeIt’s Sunday evening already, wow! I had a fun weekend. On Friday afternoon, BlackLion and I went for a walk on some trails by the Saco River, a few miles from our house. Quester came home from up north, getting a ride with a good friend of ours, who stayed the night. We had homemade fried rice for dinner and then played Mexican Train Dominoes and Cosmic Wimpout, two of our favorite games. On Saturday we played Dungeons & Dragons with some other friends, and had a great time. Today we enjoyed some poetry writing and fun games at our Sunday workshop. So, lots of playfulness, which is inspiring. I’m pretty tired tonight, though.

This week went well in terms of working on my goals. I worked on my Heart of the Goddess book draft 4 out of 5 days this week, and I’m now at 11,388 words. I’m 36 percent of the way through reading Iterate & Optimize, which is fantastic. BlackLion and I made a promotional video for our Heart of the Goddess program, and I’m pleased with how it came out. I like making videos; they’re fun. I wouldn’t have said that just a couple of years ago. I feel more comfortable now with being on camera.

I worked on some de-cluttering in my room this afternoon, and got a ton of paperwork sorted and filed. My desk is looking much better. That feels good. I’m keeping up with blogging, and took a bunch of photos during our walk on the river.

Here are my mini-goals for this week:

  • Enroll 10 people into our Heart of the Goddess spiritual mentoring program, which begins the 18th.
  • Work on the Heart of the Goddess book draft 5 days this week.
  • Finish some personal financial paperwork – wait, it is still called paperwork if it’s done online?
  • Get more exercise.

I’m off to bed soon with a book and a cat or two. Blessings for an inspiring week ahead!



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