Sick and Tired…

I don’t have much progress to report, and I missed Sunday’s post. The lingering cough I’d had for a few weeks now turned back into a full-blown cold, so I haven’t been doing much this week other than resting and reading.

Today I seem to have a little bit more energy. I started to write a Facebook status, and it turned into a whole blog post. It feels good to get back into my writing, even if only a little bit. That said, I have been doing my morning journaling practice, even when I’ve felt yucky. It’s such an ingrained habit now that I do it (and the meditation that precedes it) pretty much no matter what.

I did finish reading one of the craft biz books on my Kindle. It is How to Make a Living With Your Writing by Joanna Penn. A lot of the ideas were familiar to me already, but I did glean some new ones as well. I like her writing style and the resources she provides. It’s definitely worth a read if you are wanting to make a living as a writer/creative.

Before I got sick(er), I did make a list of bookstores and shops where I’d like to have my books. Both of our meetings with collaborators last week went really well. I’ll have more news about those upcoming offerings in the weeks to come (they involve videos and an in-person workshop). So I guess there was more progress to report here than I’d thought.

Now I’m going to go back to resting. One good thing about being bedridden is that I’m catching up on a lot of great reading. My cat Percy is such a little healer – he’s stayed close by my side the whole time. I’ll hopefully be in a much better state on Sunday, with mini-goals to share. Blessings!


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