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Things are going along pretty well so far this week. All of my mini-goals are in progress, and there are some other things I’ve been accomplishing for my business. This despite feeling really ill yesterday – a lingering cough decided to become a full-blown cold again, for unknown reasons. I’ll be glad when I get back to full health. Working on it.

Here are my celebrations for this week so far:

  • Mom came home from her second hospital visit yesterday, and seems to be doing better. She has appointments in the works to help figure things out on a bigger-picture level. We’re hopeful.
  • Had a terrific solo walk on Monday morning, musing and pondering as I climbed hills. Also did a huge dance session on Sunday.
  • We have a coffee chat and a phone discussion planned for later this week, both about collaborations that will help with expanding our Feline Dreamers community.
  • Our Alchemy of Core Beliefs call yesterday went well. I love this group and how everyone is showing up!
  • My creativity is flowing and I feel like my projects are super interesting and sparkly. It feels inspiring!

Have a good week, and send along some healing vibes if you have energy to spare. Thanks!

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