Not the Week I’d Planned…

I managed to miss the Wednesday update, but that’s because it was just not the week I’d planned to have. My Dad was in the Emergency Room on Sunday. They sent him home with some meds for his back, and he’s getting better. Then my Mom ended up there on Wednesday! She had to stay over a couple of nights in the hospital, though she too is home now and on the mend. What a stressful week, though!

Despite the family crises, I did manage to get to some of my work. Blogging was something that slipped, and I didn’t get started on my new Heart of the Goddess project just yet. But that’s okay.

Since I didn’t find time to post on Wednesday, I’ll share both celebrations and mini-goals in this combined post.


  • My parents are both home now and doing better.
  • We have 6 students signed up for our Alchemy of Core Beliefs course, which begins tomorrow. I’m so excited to get started!
  • I had a very successful book signing yesterday at The Sage in Scarborough, Maine, for Centered In Spirit.
  • BlackLion and I have been working our revisions on our The Door Is The Key novel. It’s going well. We’ve got more sessions planned, too – we found that we work on it more consistently if we plan the sessions into our schedule.
  • I’ve been doing more exercise – in the form of dancing around the kitchen. Between that and my better eating habits, I’ve lost 7 pounds so far this year. Yay!

Mini-goals for this week:

  • Finish making plans for 2016 and filling out my planners accordingly.
  • Have a terrific first week with our Alchemy of Core Beliefs students.
  • Get back on track with blogging.
  • Continue to work with BlackLion on revising our novel draft.
  • Get started on the new Heart of the Goddess writing project.

That’s all for now. May your week go according to plan!


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