Celebrating As I Go

Wow, it’s Wednesday already? One of the things I’ve learned about in my coaching course is that it’s really valuable to celebrate, regularly, the things that you achieve. Even the small things. Which I think is something we do here in ROW 80, as well, but I thought I’d put some extra effort into it.

Since I usually post my list of mini-goals on Sundays, I think I’ll do celebration lists on Wednesdays. Sounds like good plan.

So, my list of celebrations for this week, thus far:

  • Wrote and sent my January post for Kind Over Matter. It was published today. I’m really pleased that I was asked to stay on as a monthly contributor for 2016. Woo hoo!
  • Offered a free virtual workshop last night with BlackLion, called A Self-Worth Tune-Up: Gear Up for an Amazing 2016! We had 10 participants on the call and most of them spoke up and shared what they were learning. We got some very positive feedback about it! I’m so thrilled. They especially liked the guided meditation I wrote for the workshop.
  • Made my 2016 vision board, featuring my word of the year, AUTHENTIC. visionboardjan16
  • I’m 30 percent of the way through reading Joanna Penn’s How to Make a Living With Your Writing. It’s great so far; I like her books.

That’s my week so far. Now I’m working on getting our promotion all finalized for our online course, The Alchemy of Core Beliefs, which will be starting up on January 25th, and various other things on my list. Plus finishing up the planning process for 2016.

Have a terrific week! Cheers! (And a big thanks to those of you who are volunteering as sponsors this Round. I’m taking a Round off, as I’m super busy this first quarter of the year. I’m very grateful to those who are still helping out!)


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