Exciting News to Share!

My thrilling news for today is that I’ve finished the draft of my third book, Centered In Spirit: Crafting Your Daily Practice. Woo hoo!!! No, this wasn’t a NaNo project. I’ve been working on it in a focused way for many months, and have had it as a concept for several years. I’m delighted to finally be finished writing it!

My final word count is 43,896, which fits well into my target range of somewhere between 35K and 50K. Perfect for nonfiction.

So now I’m devoting myself to editing the manuscript. We also have the photo shoot for the book’s cover later this week.

I’m working on creating our Feline Dreamers free virtual event for January, and starting to write copy to help promote it. Last week I got caught up on blogging at Starcat’s Corner, and I hope to stay on track. I have SASS Circle homework to do (for the biz coaching course I’m taking), and lots of family activities going on. It promises to be a busy week, but I’m getting pretty good at prioritizing my writing and business, so I’m hopeful.

I hope your week flows smoothly, and if you’re doing NaNoWriMo, that you’re feeling inspired as we enter the last half of the month. Blessings!


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