Creation Amidst Chaos

treeheartWell, not chaos, exactly. It sounded like a cool title, though.

I’ve actually been creating amidst lots of family activities – some fun, some sorrowful. We had a family member’s funeral to attend this week, which is always sad, though it was also a celebration of a man well-loved. I helped host a family gathering afterwards. I brought my daughter to her archery class yesterday, and today I had fun plans with my parents. So, not as much time for writing and creating as I would have liked thus far this week, but I have still been making some good progress.

I’m now at a total of 40,399 words on my WIP, with probably less than 5K more to go. That feels good. I still want to finish it by the end of the week, which will involve some dedicated time working on it this weekend.  Even though I’ve been busy, I’ve had two walks so far this week. On one of them, BlackLion and I did some great brainstorming on the offerings we’re creating for Feline Dreamers for 2016. I’m keeping up with the homework from my coaching course. My morning meditation practice is still going great.

That’s all so far this week, but I consider it progress. I’m thankful I can be there for my family members when they need me, too. All is well.


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