Calling on Willpower and Self-Discipline

I’m tapping into my willpower and self-discipline to get work done on my goals this week, amidst some family birthday celebrations and other summertime pursuits, plus the ever-present housework. So far, so good. (This is a self-pep-talk, in case you can’t tell yet).

Today alone I got up and ready for the day, did my spiritual practice, helped my Aunt with a little project, went grocery shopping, washed and hung out two loads of laundry, and cleaned the kitchen, along with doing my writing and checking my e-mail. I still need to finish this blog post, make enchiladas, and go to a birthday party at our Wednesday night homeschool group. Whew!

Even so, I’ve been working on my daily spiritual practice book. I’ve added 2,550 words this week so far, which means I’m up to 13,613 words on the book as a whole. It feels good.

I looked into doing a GoodReads giveaway, but I’m too far past the launch of Cultivating Self-Love to be able to do one. Ah well – another thing off my to-do list, right?

I blogged yesterday on Starcat’s Corner, and in the process, I got a bit vulnerable. I posted my Blue Moon intention, which directly relates to my writing, in the hopes of encouraging myself to be more accountable.

I’m calling on my willpower and self-discipline because my writing career is important to me. It is key. Yes, so are my family, friends, and my non-writing¬†responsibilities. It’s all one thing, really.

One’s life as the creative art.

Balance is possible. My goals and dreams are within reach. I’ve got this.



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