A Productive Week


I was productive, but these guys? They rested.

Apparently my self-pep-talk worked, because I’ve had a rather productive week! I worked on my DSP (daily spiritual practice) work in progress 4 days this week, which I’m counting as a win even though I didn’t hit my goal of 5 days. I got a lot of good work done, and I’m now at 16,225 words total. It’s going well.

My book talk at a local Pagan festival yesterday went well. I had less than a dozen attendees, but that was actually pretty good when compared to other workshops being offered. We had some good discussion at the end, and everyone seemed to especially enjoy the DSP excerpt I shared, which is a good sign. I’ll share it here on this blog tomorrow, so you can read it for yourself.

Blogging is going okay. It seems like I’m only able to do one blog post per week on Starcat’s Corner, no matter how I try to schedule in two. I’m not sure what to do about that. I’d rather have one good quality post than two or more rushed ones. Maybe I only need to post once per week. I’ll have to think about that and re-evaluate.

This week I’m very excited to be participating in a week-long “virtual retreat” that’s all about figuring out how to make my business (which includes my writing career as well as Feline Dreamers) shine. I’m determined to set aside plenty of time to focus on it, making it a priority.

Which brings me to my mini-goals for this week:

  • Work on the DSP e-book at least 5 days.
  • Spend at least an hour per day, every day, on the virtual biz retreat.
  • Keep up with my blogging schedule (and evaluate the frequency of posting).
  • Send out my first Starcat’s Notebook newsletter.
  • Work on Feline Dreamers promotion and marketing.
  • Write a book review of Tantra for the West.

I wish you a productive week with all of your chosen projects and goals. As well as some fun time just for you!


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