Finding a Good Balance

ForeRiverSanctuaryLast week was a quiet week, and I was able to get a lot of writing done. This week has been busier, so I’ve found it challenging to devote bigger chunks of time to my projects. Today was the first day I haven’t been out and about, but I had a bunch of blogging to catch up on, so that’s been taking up my writing energies.

I guess I’m still working on finding a good balance. My impulse is to do my larger chunks of writing in the morning, after I get up. If I have to get up and leave the house, I find that I don’t tend to get back to my creative work that day. Perhaps I need to shift my habits around a bit.

If I can establish an evening writing habit, even for just an hour or so, that could help on the busier days. I’m going to work on that.

That said, I do have a few updates:

  • BlackLion is creating the artwork for my Creative Inspiration Booster Pack (working title). It looks terrific! We came up with a list of potential drawings based on the text, and he’s working from that.
  • I finished and sent off my (first ever!) ROW 80 sponsor post today. I hope folks find it inspiring.
  • I’ve been mostly keeping up with my blogging plan. I got a bit behind, but it was pretty easy to catch up.
  • I’m excited to dive into my next project, which is the book on daily spiritual practice. I have some ideas for freshening up the introduction and making it more fun. I’ll also be updating the outline.
  • My amateur nature photography has been going really well. I have lots of photos from my recent trips, and a hike we did yesterday, to use on my blogs.

So, things are progressing well, and I’ll continue to work on creating a flexible writing routine that works best for me. Have a wonderful rest of the week!


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