Another Tiny Update

My aunt’s surgery went well. She’s now in rehab for the next week or so, and in good spirits. Between family support stuff, a couple of long shifts at my part-time gig, and an annual Beltane celebration, I don’t have much writing progress to report.

I did finish reading How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method by Randy Ingermanson. I enjoyed it, and got some useful tips from it. I’m on day 13 of not eating refined sugar, so the family crisis hasn’t derailed me. Exercise has gone by the wayside, though, due to time constraints. I hope to get back to it during the coming week. I completed and sent the guest blog that was due on Friday, and posted to my Starcat’s Corner blog as well.

Oh, and I took some notes on a future blog post, which will be about how to deal with hospitals (as a visitor or patient) when you’re highly sensitive. This isn’t my first experience in this regard, but I’ve just now started collecting tips and suggestions.

WP_20150501_001Percy cat has been a lovely companion to me during this difficult week, curling up with me and purring when it’s finally time to go to sleep, and often greeting me when I wake.

Have a fun and productive week, everyone! Hug your family members.

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