And Then Life Happens

I don’t have much of a progress report this week. It is only Wednesday, and already the week has been full of awesome ups and awful downs.

Monday I went to the long-awaited The Energy of Business workshop, and it was fantastic! I learned a lot, and it feels like a puzzle piece has been put in place that will really help with both my writing career and Feline Dreamers (the business my partner and I run together). So I’m very excited about that, and will have more to say about it in the weeks to come, I’m sure.

Tuesday morning my beloved Aunt, who lives next door, fell and broke her hip. She’d had a long string of orthopedic issues, having osteoporosis and thus fragile bones. We thought she was going to be able to enjoy a summer of freedom and mobility. But she lost her balance and fell, and my Mom and I spent the day in the emergency room with her. She’ll be having surgery this afternoon.

So, life happens sometimes and gets in the way of writing, but I love my family and I’m glad I have a flexible schedule and can be there when they need me.

Please send us along some prayers, blessings, or good thoughts if you have them to spare. Thank you!



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