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Over the past several months I’ve been doing a lot of reading and studying about ethical marketing & promotion, how to make a living as a writer, self-publishing, and the like. One of the suggestions that seems to crop up everywhere – that I hadn’t done yet – is to have an e-mail subscriber list. I added it as one of my goals for this round.

It’s a bit complicated, and requires some extra thought. My partner BlackLion and I have a business and website called Feline Dreamers. We already have a mailing list for it, with a couple hundred subscribers so far. I also have a website called Starcat’s Corner, which is now the home of my blog (which I’ve been writing since 2006) and serves as my author website.


A sneak peek at my new newsletter template…


There is some overlap – our business is focused on personal spirituality, which is also the subject of the two books I’ve written and published thus far. But Feline Dreamers also encompasses guided meditations (audio), workshops, and coaching.

And I’m also in the process of branching out into fiction, and uncertain how the readership for the novels will be different from the non-fiction. Confused yet?

I didn’t necessarily want to reinvent the wheel, but I do think there’s value in having a separate list for my readers. So I’ve been working on coming up with the focus for my new list. One of the main themes of my work as a whole is the value of living the life of the imagination. So I decided to have my newsletters focus on creativity and imagination, and how to make it part of your everyday experience. Thus, Starcat’s Notebook was born! BlackLion was a great help to me with the web-tech side of things. He’s also going to help out with some artwork for the Creative Inspiration Pack that I’m writing. I wanted to have something brand new to give away to my subscribers, so I’m in the process of creating a fun little e-book. I have most of the outline written, and will start working on the draft this week.

What else is new? BlackLion and I have been working on our novel revision plans, which are coming along nicely. I got sidetracked a bit with blogging, as I’ve been focusing my energies on setting up the newsletter and brainstorming my free offer. Journal-writing is still a regular thing. I’m a bit under the weather – I think I’m coming down with a cold – so I haven’t been getting in as many walks. But the weather is nice, and I have made an effort to get outside in the sunshine each day.

I would say that things are flowing along just fine. I hope the rest of your week is fun and productive!

P.S. If you’d like to subscribe to my new list, just visit Starcat’s Corner! I’ll make sure you get your Creative Inspiration Pack as soon as it’s ready. Thanks!


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