Still Feelin’ Groovy

I’m still in the groove with my writing and how it’s now integrated with all the other aspects of my life. I’m actually very excited about my writing life right now, to the point where I’ve been wondering how it took me so long to realize what a joy it is! Ah well, I’m only 45, so I have a lot of writing years left in me yet, heh heh. To add to the joy, spring has finally sprung in my northern neck of the woods. Which, for us here in Maine, means melting snow and high temps in the 50s and 60s. And after the winter we had, we’ll take it!

BlackLion and I have been working on our book revisions pretty steadily, and we scheduled in more time to work together on it this coming week. That seems to work best. Scheduling it in, even though we live together, helps us avoid life stuff taking over the entire day. We’ve also scheduled in some time to set up my new mailing list for Starcat’s Corner, and for me to learn more about making newsletters in MailChimp. I’ve been pondering more about the outline for my Daily Spiritual Practice book, and making some notes, which is plenty for now.

Blogging is going well. On payday this week I stocked up on more craft books to read (yay!). I’ve been doing lots of meditation and journal writing, and getting lots of walks in now that the weather is nice.

Life is good! I hope your plans are going along swimmingly, too. Blessings!

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