Snow, Dreaming, and Playfulness

snowfallSince I last updated this blog, we’ve gotten 3 1/2 feet of snow in a one week period. Yes, that’s FEET! Yowza. Well, it is Maine in winter.

I’ve still been in the process of upgrading my inner software. It’s going super well. I’m getting really clear on my priorities, and how to reach my personal goals. I’m even more involved in the Barefoot Being program that my friend is running. I’m one of her two official helpers now, and I’m an affiliate as well. It’s fun and rewarding, and I’m gleaning lots of new insights. I also joined another online course, on a whim. I know, I know…I already have plenty of projects. But this one is only for a week, and I’m learning SO much. It’s all about playfulness, and how it is “one of the most efficient strategies for exponential growth.” Play and creativity are so entwined for me, anyway. This is lighting me up!

All this extra stuff means I haven’t gotten any new writing done on my novel. I’m not too concerned, though, because it’s all directly feeding into how I am recreating my life and my days so that I’ll be more available for writing. I’ve been letting go of things in my life that eat up time without feeding my soul. I’m making changes in lots of areas of my life, and that’s exciting.

2015VisionBoardDuring the biggest of the three snowstorms, I made my vision board for 2015. While I was making it, the electricity went out, so I finished it by candlelight. It was such a magickal process. The lights came back on not long after I finished, so we never got cold or anything. I got to create my vision for the year, sitting in my cozy home with my family, lentil stew bubbling on the stove (gas stove, keeps going when the electricity is gone, yay!), while the winds howled and snow fell outside.

I’m so very excited about 2015. The spiritual work I’m doing now supports what I know is going to be an amazing, game-changing year.

Some of my other goals that I’ve been working on: Blogging has been going well. Today my February post for Kind Over Matter was published. I finished reading Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch. It was pretty good; I gleaned a few useful tips. I took some snow photos, and made an art journal page. Drumming has been going well. I’ve been meditating and paying attention to my dreams, as well as setting daily intentions. I’ve been enjoying doing yoga once again, and I recently re-started my practice of dancing in the evening, freestyle around the kitchen. It’s good exercise and a lot of fun.

My plan as it stands right now is to keep my focus on the online courses for the rest of this week, along with doing some blogging and other tasks for my business. Next week, one of the courses will be done and I’ll get back to work on the novel.


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