Keep Playing!

abundancegridThe playfulness workshop I’ve been taking wrapped up last night. It was fantastic! I’m still integrating the things I’ve been learning. My number one message to myself right now is, no matter what I’m doing, to “just keep playing!” I’m still figuring out how that will play out (pun intended) in my daily writing and other creative work.

This week in the Barefoot Being course, I’m the “resident expert” for the topic of self-love. I’ll be answering members’ questions, and I’m giving away a pdf that’s an excerpt of my book, Cultivating Self-Love: Your Path to Wholeness. I’m excited about the topic, and about helping new folks along on their path to self-love.

BlackLion and I created a free mini-workbook on dreaming for our Feline Dreamers subscribers. I’m really pleased with it. It’ll go out this week in the e-newsletter.

I’m excited because our new refrigerator will be delivered this week. I also have a polarity session. My intentions are to pick up my novel WIP again, and keep up with blogging and business tasks. I’ll also start reading another craft book.

Blessings for a productive week, fellow writers!


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