Taking Those Baby Steps

My check-in is a day late, but I wanted to keep on track this Round and make sure I do all my updates. I’m still in a busy season, which won’t really begin to subside until my teen son’s soccer season is done in a couple of weeks. Nonetheless, I’m continuing to take baby steps toward my goals.

This week I got back on track with blogging, and posted three times on my Starcat’s Corner website, which is my target. Woo hoo! I’m nearly halfway through reading Rock Your Plot, and I’ve been jotting down notes and indulging in daydreams about my NaNoWriMo novel. It’s percolating along in the background, and I’m pleased with the ideas that are developing thus far.

My daughter and I have been enjoying zentangling. We made a card for Quester’s birthday, and we both have pages in progress in our art journals. It’s a fun thing to do together.

I’ve also been taking time to be outdoors, go for walks, drum, and do other things that refresh my spirit. I’m feeling well overall.

Mini-goals for this week: finish my read-through of Rock Your Plot and begin doing the exercises. Write two guest blogs (one is a book review for which I’ve already read the book and made some notes), along with keeping up with my own blogs. And I want to keep up with exercising, too – hey, I’ve lost 8 pounds since I last checked! I’m pleased about that and want to keep up the good work.


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