Productivity Increases With Relaxation


A relaxing scene to help you focus.

It’s strange but true. My productivity on any given day seems to increase the more relaxed I can be. I guess it’s not so very odd. When I’m feeling stressed out, I’m not going to do good work. I’ll be rushing around and not focusing on what I’m doing.

This week I’ve been purposely relaxing, despite a long to-do list, and things are going along well. I finished reading Rock Your Plot and have been thinking about my NaNoWriMo novel some more. I wrote the book review of Shamanic Awakening today, as well as a post for my blog that I’m really pleased with.

Got in some good drum practice time, and caught up with the online course I’m taking, the Conquer Summit (it’s pretty cool, and no-cost – check it out if you’re the entrepreneurial type). Did some marketing-type stuff for Feline Dreamers, and some prep work (mostly reading) for a new website that I’ll be contributing to starting next week.

I guess that’s all for now.

Next month’s writing will only be my second novel, and the first one I’ve written by myself. But I’m feeling good about it, and glad I have some good resources to utilize.


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