Getting Through the Winter Blahs

Well, the calendar has changed over to March, but you wouldn’t know it from here. It’s been another bitterly cold week, and as I look out my windows, more snow is falling. It’s a depressing time of year, but I’m trying not to let it get the best of me.

I haven’t made much progress on my goals, which is why I haven’t checked in for the past couple of weeks. I got a flu virus that has really slowed me down, and what energy I’ve had has been devoted to working for others (my part-time gig at the radio station) and some performances. The performances last weekend went really well, and my cough is slowly fading. I’ve taken time these past couple of days to rest and recuperate.

The good news is that I’ve been very accepting of the way things are, rather than beating myself up over what I’m not getting done. There is an ebb and flow to life and creativity, and I know that the quiet, seemingly non-productive times will pass, flowing into the more active phases. All is well.

As promised, here’s the link to my recent guest blog for Kind Over Matter: Loss, Love, and Music. Please feel free to share it if you’re so inspired. This week I’ve been in touch with the creator of Bliss Habits about doing a guest post for her website, as well as participating in a Facebook group of inspirational websites that share quotes and pictures with one another’s pages. I love networking!

I finished reading GoodReads for Authors by Michelle Campbell-Scott, and found some useful tips to implement. I need to choose my next book on marketing – I have several of them in my Kindle, patiently waiting for me to decide.  I also have some books to review lined up. I love it when reading is on my to-do list, since it’s something I always do anyway.

Not much progress has been made recently on editing our novel. It’s on my radar, though. And I’ve been percolating ideas for another novel, as well. My creative flow is still there, underneath the ice, patiently awaiting the spring thaw.


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3 Responses to Getting Through the Winter Blahs

  1. I can’t believe how much weather affects my mood–everything from my energy level to my appetite. I’m sooo ready for spring to be here! Just thinking about it makes me a little giddy.

    Good luck with your ROW80 goals!

    BTW, your book on pagan living looks really interesting. I’m always looking for new books/ways to deepen my path.

  2. This weather really does need to stop. The high here is about half the average temp for this time of year. Not cool. Or more like too cold!

    Getting sick can mess things up, but big kudos on accepting it. I’ve been working on that too. We can’t control everything and the universe loves throwing curve balls!

    Keep up being awesome. Hope the round ends on a high note for you.

  3. Hope the winter blahs go away soon! It’s not snowing here, but it’s been dreary cold and today’s the first day with good weather in a while. I probably should take a walk to rejuvenate.

    Best wishes finding time and motivation to work on those edits. Hope you’re feeling 100% better. (That virus is yuck.) Have a great weekend!

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