Grief and Creation

I finished a very powerful piece of writing this week. It wasn’t all that long, but the writing of it has been both challenging and cathartic.

What is it? Well, I’ve written another guest post for the wonderful website Kind Over Matter, and it will be posted this coming Saturday. It’s a follow-up to another piece I did for them when my friend Jenn was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This one is about her final days in hospice and her passing. It was SO hard to write, and yet I’m very pleased with the final result. I can’t wait to share it with you – I’ll post a link next weekend.

In the meantime, I also wrote a review for a fellow Moon Books author and posted it. She’s going to read and review Starcat’s Corner for me in return. I have three other book review trades pending, which is good. All of the books I’ve read from Moon Books have been excellent. I’m glad to be part of such a high-quality publishing house.

My wellness practices have suffered a bit while I’ve been focused on the guest post these past couple of weeks. This weekend I’m feeling rather under-the-weather. I think something’s going on with my sinuses. Ouch. Anyway, I want to improve my health, and I know part of that involves more intentional movement. Exercise is important! Even though it’s hard when it’s been so snowy and cold outside. I’m going to start using the treadmill, which is set up down in the basement for my son to use for running. I’ll be walking, not running, but I figure I can start using it every day until it warms up enough to walk and hike outdoors.

That’s pretty much all I have to report. Feline Dreamers is looking great – come on by and check it out if you haven’t had a chance yet.  I’m still reading Goodreads for Authors by Michelle Campbell-Scott. I didn’t get to my novel editing this past week, but I hope to return to it soon. Have a lovely week!

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