Easing Back In

I’ve had a pretty good week. My grief still causes my emotions to be up and down, and my motivation to ebb and flow, but I’ve gotten some things done, and enjoyed them. Today I had a wonderful polarity therapy session (I highly recommend it), which helped me put some things into perspective, in a really good way.

As far as blogging, I wrote a sort of re-entry post this week on Starcat’s Corner, and here I am showing up today on this blog, which I wasn’t sure I’d get to until about 5 minutes ago. So I’ll count that as a success.

What else have I been up to? Well, some research and some brainstorming for NaNoWriMo. BlackLion and I have been jotting down ideas and over the weekend we’ll start creating lists of scenes (we’re collaborating on a cool idea we have for our first novel). I’m thankful for Kristen’s blog and for Kim’s awesome planning page for helping me with my NaNo preparations.

I also started looking into some promotional techniques for getting the word out about Cultivating Self-Love. More about that as I delve further into it.

My huge success for the week has been my yoga practice. I’m back to it, and it really helps with all the strong feelings I’ve been having. I’m on the third week now, and did yoga four times each of the previous weeks, so I’m actually exceeding the goal as written. Yay me!

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and expressions of sympathy. I deeply appreciate it.

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