Book Cover Photo Shoot

My biggest update at the moment is that the photo shoot for the cover of Cultivating Self-Love was perfection itself! We had sunny skies, found some lovely gardens, and got excellent results. BlackLion’s Mom is an amazing photographer, and she not only understood my vision for the cover, but improved on it with her creative artist’s eye. I can’t share the final pictures just yet, but here’s a shot she took of “the crew” after we were done.

book cover photo shoot

On the left is our model, my teenage daughter. I’m in the middle, taking notes. And BlackLion, my partner and book editor, looks on. His Mom prefers to stay behind the camera, so there aren’t any pictures of her. We had fun, sharing lots of laughs during our session, and I treated everyone to an ice cream cone after we were done.

In other news, plans are going along smoothly for the September author event. I’m writing some new author bios using Kristen Lamb’s methods. All I have left to do for the e-book is to write the acknowledgements, finish my author bio, and do a final edit. I’ll give a more comprehensive update on Sunday. Enjoy the rest of the week, fellow writers!

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