Sideways Progress

I’ve been making progress towards my goals, or at least towards my overall intention to be a successful author. The reason I say “sideways” is that most of what I’ve been up to is somewhat ephemeral, not as easily quantified as solid things like word counts. I’m feeling good about it, rather imaginative, creative, and productive. I guess the realm I’m in, though, is one of dreaming up new ideas, connecting with myself and others, and perhaps drifting a bit, in a good way.

Let’s see if I can make any sense of it in terms of goals.

  • finished the Resources section for Cultivating Self-Love
  • had to reschedule the CSL cover photo shoot due to rain; hopefully we’ll have sun this week for it
  • finished reading the awesome Kristen Lamb’s Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World
  • implemented some of her ideas – I started with writing my “word cloud” and plan to use it to make bios of various lengths, this week
  • blogging is going according to schedule, and I also used Lamb’s “high concept” idea with success on my Starcat’s Corner blog this week (here’s the post I’m referring to)
  • wrote two book reviews and posted them
  • read and commented on a bunch of blog posts by my ROW80 colleagues, learning useful new things in the process
  • made progress in our Rethinking Everything adventure fundraising
  • spent time outdoors doing journal writing, swimming, and enjoying the beach with friends

I admit it, I haven’t added any new words to my Daily Spiritual Practice e-book at all. I just haven’t felt inspired to work on it. Hopefully I’ll find my focus and get back to this WIP soon.

What I have done, the stuff that has me feeling creative and joyful as the weekend draws to a close, is to connect more deeply with my inner source, remember and work with my dreams, make new connections with fellow writers, daydream, explore various images in my mind’s eye, and do some playful research on topics that are catching my attention.

I’ve also made the decision that yes, I will in fact delve into the realm of fiction writing. I’m gearing up to participate in NaNoWriMo in November for the first time! Thrilling and scary!

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