Welcome, Summer!

The weather here in Maine took a sudden turn this week, from cool rain to super hot sunny days. And I love it! Most everyone I encounter has been complaining that it’s too hot, but not me. I love hot weather.

This week marks the highest weekly word count on the e-book so far: I wrote 4704 words!!! I’m really getting in the swing of working on it nearly every day. Woo hoo!

I sent an e-mail to Local Sprouts cafe about my book signing, but I haven’t heard back yet. Thursday I submitted my June guest blog to my publishers, Moon Books, for posting. It’s the start of a series, which I’m excited about.

I’m also excited that it’s now June, and I want to focus even more on my callings and creative passions. Spring is an odd time for me; the energies are a bit too dynamic, unstable. But now that we’re settling into summer, I’m feeling more relaxed and creative. I’m ready to finish my first draft and then get set for the next round, when I’ll be editing the e-book and (most likely) starting another writing project. Full steam ahead!

P.S. I’m just starting to get the hang of this ROW 80 thing. Next round I’ll focus on visiting others’ blogs more consistently, to provide support and feedback. I’ve been rather sporadic about it this time, but I want to be  a contributing member who’s an uplifting element of this awesome writing community.

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