Brief Update and a Quote

This week is zooming along and, thankfully, so is my writing! I’ve written 3000 words so far this week on my WIP (look at me with the fancy lingo!), on track for my 5000 word per week goal. I sent out an e-mail about setting up my book signing at a local cafe. Blog posting is going according to schedule. We decided to do our Feline Dreamers chats on Facebook every month; we set up and promoted the next one on Facebook, and already have several folks interested in attending. My daily practices are trucking along smoothly. I’d say all is well in Starcat’s world.

Here’s some inspiration for your mid-week:

“The creative abilities do not just help you write books, paint pictures, play the piano, compose. The creative abilities are largely responsible for keeping you alive. Your cells are creative. You are alive because you wanted to create. Every act you perform is creative.” – Seth through Jane Roberts

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