Waiting for the Mail

As I write this, the proof of my book The Heart of the Goddess: A Handbook for Soulful Living is making its way to me. I can hardly wait! I love this part – when you get to hold the book you created in your hands for the first time. Eep! So excited!

Looking at my mini-goals list from last week, I’ve been making excellent progress. I’ve started my promotion plan for the book (my least favorite part of being an author, I confess). If anyone has a good book promotion checklist or template that they’re willing to share, I would very much appreciate it! I also worked on copy for our upcoming workshop and online course. Our free virtual event, Soulfulness Week, went pretty well. We had quite a bit of engagement, with folks commenting in the Facebook group and watching the videos. No one attended the live online workshop component on Thursday, but we did it anyway, and recorded it. I don’t know if anyone has listened to it yet. I’ve been keeping up fairly well with blogging, which I often neglect during this time of year.

We’ve been making our holiday plans, including the budget and timeline. I’ve also been making great progress on crafting holiday cards. We had a fun time today at my Mom’s house, making cards together.

I’m 30 percent of the way through re-reading my novel draft, Patterns In the Void, and making revision notes. That feels really good! I haven’t read it for a long time, and it’s actually better than I thought. It will still need significant revisions, but it’s a solid story.

Here are my mini-goals for the upcoming week:

  • Finish creating the book promotion plan and make a timeline for getting things done.
  • Continue to read Patterns In the Void and make revision notes.
  • Figure out some new ways to publicize our upcoming workshop and course, coming up in January.
  • Continue my holiday preparations.

Hope your week is full of all good things, including an extra dose of inspiration!

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