Wednesday Again?

beachfogWow, the time has flown and here we are at Wednesday again. So, here’s my ROW 80 update for this week, followed by a gratitude list.

I’m now at 112,180 words on my book draft, on the way to a target of 120K. Woo hoo! I hope to be able to make a concerted effort and finish the draft this weekend. I’ll be going with Quester to visit some friends. While he’s helping them work on their home addition, I’ll be writing. Then we can hang out together in the evenings. That’s the plan thus far.

I’ve been keeping on track with blogging, miraculously. The new round of my biz coaching program gets started next week with our big fall retreat. I’m so excited! I’m working on financial stuff, and learning new things as I release old blocks to my prosperity. We worked on some serious basement de-cluttering on Friday, with more to come soon. That feels really good.

Otherwise everything is going well, though busy. I haven’t exercised as much as I’d wish, because it seems like I’ve just been straight out with family stuff, the business, and writing. But it’s all fun stuff, so that’s cool.

Here’s this week’s gratitude list. I’m so thankful:

  • for the gorgeous full moon, and the ocean (even when it’s foggy).
  • for my kids and what awesome people they are.
  • to my friend for reading my book draft and giving me useful feedback.
  • to my immediate family for understanding when I deep-dive into my writing, and for being really supportive.
  • for having plenty of delicious food to eat.

Thanks! Have a terrific week everyone.

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