The Payoff

Centered In Spirit Front Cover_finalI’ve been running around like the proverbial chicken with my head cut off, and today I’m finally seeing the payoff. What an exciting day!

First, BlackLion and I finished all the formatting and designing and editing and what-not for my third book, Centered In Spirit: Crafting Your Daily Practice, and hit “publish” on Amazon (for the e-book and the paperback version). I’m so thrilled! It was even easier than last time, because we’d done the self-publishing thing before and had templates and checklists. Not that it wasn’t a lot of work, but it went relatively smoothly, for which I’m thankful. I already have a book signing planned for January 23rd at a local metaphysical store that I love.

Second, we’ve (finally) painted the walls of our entire downstairs (we have an open concept kitchen, dining, and living area). It looks great! We’re still putting artwork back on the walls and so forth, so I don’t have pictures to share just yet. But it is looking awesome. Very elegant and warm. We’ve all noticed that the way our home was before was reflective of when the kids were little, and now it looks like a more grown-up version. I love it. There is still plenty to do – we need to paint my son’s room, and there are a bunch of little details to finalize, but overall I’m super happy with it.

Third, we’re making great progress on our plans for our online courses in January. We’ve secured several partners to help us promote the free virtual workshop we’ll be giving on January 5th. I’ll also be doing the workshop the following week, a live version for my women’s group. We still have lots of things to do to get ready, but it’s going great.

So, that’s my update. I’m pretty excited. I haven’t really done much yet in terms of holiday shopping or prep, which makes me a bit nervous, but hitting these other goals gives me the confidence that I can do it. Onward and upward!

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