Recovering and Organizing

I’m still recovering from our trip, and a bunch of other events that have kept me quite busy. I’ve had some good “down time,” and I’m feeling like my energy is returning. I’ve been getting good sleep, too.  As a Virgo, I sometimes find organizing to be quite calming and soothing (yes, I know, that’s weird). This week I organized some shelves in my bedroom, and filed away a bunch of paperwork that was cluttering up my desk. We gave our house a good thorough cleaning today, too. It feels (and looks) good.

I’ve also been working on getting my notes and homework from my September coaching course organized, and finalizing some of the copy I wrote, so we can use it on our website and in our newsletter. The first group call for my new coaching course is next week, so I want to have everything in order. I just know that there will be more awesome homework to do, so I need to feel caught up and ready.

Exercise is going well – I’ve been taking walks, and it feels excellent.

No, I haven’t done any writing on my WIP, but I’ll get there.

All in all, a good week so far. I hope yours is fun and productive, too!


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