Plans for a Productive Autumn

After a bit of weirdness and Mercury retrograde messing with me, this Autumn is shaping up to be really amazing. I’ve detailed my goals below.

My biggest news is that I signed up for a 9-month coaching program, SASS Circle (which stands for Supportive and Sustainable Systems). It’s with this awesome coach, Britt Bolnick, who I’ve been working with for over a month now. I’m so excited that I took the leap to do this. I’ve been studying ethical marketing for a while on my own, but what I’ve really needed is expertise, guidance, and direction.

This will impact my writing career in that the non-fiction I write is closely tied in with Feline Dreamers. It will also help me get better at organizing my time, so I have more to devote to writing (both non-fiction and fiction). It will take our business from one that’s mostly a hobby (because we haven’t known how to take it to another level) to a real sustainable business that will help support the family. I’m beyond thrilled!

So between the coaching program and my writing plans and well, just life in general, I expect it to be a busy and productive Round. Onward and upward!

2015 Row 80 Round 4 Goals

Complete and publish current nonfiction WIP. Finish first draft of Daily Spiritual Practice (DSP) book. Revise, edit and proofread. Hand final draft off to BlackLion for formatting. Do photoshoot for cover. Hit publish in November.

Work on revising and editing The Door Is the Key book 1 (TDITK1). Finish the first pass of revisions using Rock Your Revisions. Complete re-writes and added scenes as necessary. Do the first complete proof-reading edit.

Re-read draft of Patterns in the Void and make initial revision notes.

Continue my craft & business learning. Keep up with all homework and calls for my SASS Circle coaching program. Read at least 3 books about writing and/or ethical marketing & promotion. Check out a couple of writer podcasts. Keep notes on ideas to use, and begin implementing them. Make plans for Feline Dreamers for 2016.

Complete various behind-the-scenes marketing tasks: Add my author name domain to my website(s). Add a Call to Action (CTA) to my Cultivating Self-Love e-book. Create weekday Fae Musings e-mails for our Feline Dreamers subscribers. Add new folks to both of our mailing lists.

Do my ROW 80 sponsor duties. Write an inspiring article to share. Visit my peeps each week and leave comments.

De-clutter and organize my life, creating beautiful spaces. Clean and organize my upstairs desk and filing cabinets. Continue to de-clutter and beautify our shared living spaces. Paint the living room, kitchen, and stairwell.

Focus on blogging. Post to my Starcat’s Corner blog at least twice per week, Feline Dreamers every other week, and on this blog twice per week. Write ROW 80 guest post to inspire fellow authors (and be a good sponsor!). Write, edit, and submit guest blog posts for Kind Over Matter, Facing North, and possibly other sites. Start and keep a running list of blog post ideas, drafts, and picture ideas.

Make inspiring art and music. Practice zentangling. Make cards for the holidays. Create new scrapbook pages and art journal pages. Take nature photographs to use on my websites and blog posts. Practice drumming regularly.

Expand my spiritual awareness and the integration of all aspects of my life. Pay attention to my dreams and keep records of them. Set intentions before sleep and upon waking. Meditate and do my chakra clearing daily.

Enhance my physical health. Devote time to daily exercise, including but not limited to walking, yoga, dancing, and swimming. Look into membership at the pool for the winter. Stop eating sugar. Eat less in general.

GRACEfully invite ease, purpose, and kindness into my daily life. Do things I love: write in my journal, read, do yoga, dance, spend time with loved ones, and express my gratitude.




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