Doing the Best I Can With What I Have

Things have been really chaotic around here since Sunday. We’ve had a visit to the ER (all is well now), a visiting dog, and a trip for more supplies for my son for college. So, I haven’t gotten in as much writing as I would have liked. Still, I’ve been doing the best I can with the time I’ve had available.

I’m now at 21,269 words on my WIP. I did a bunch of homework today for the coaching program I’m taking, which was excellent and thought-provoking. We’re working on things like vision & mission and an ideal client profile. It really does make a difference, having someone to guide me through the process. I tried to learn a lot of this stuff on my own, but this is certainly giving me more focus and motivation.

Promotion for my Saturday book signing is going well. I think it’ll be a fun afternoon.

I haven’t yet gotten to any blogging (besides this one) or blog planning, or my newsletter, but I think the work I’m doing in the coaching program is going to help with that. It’ll give me more direction in speaking directly to my peeps. We’ll see how it unfolds.

So, progress is still being made, and I’m hopeful that next week things will be back to “normal,” whatever that is. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll see you on Sunday!


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