Shifting and Changing and Adventuring

The only thing on my weekly goals list that I’ve done so far is to sign up for the September business coaching session.

Which is actually not a small thing, at least not in terms of energy and attitude.

It’s the first time I’ve really invested in my business this way, in taking it to a new level. It’s not like I have piles of extra money lying around (yet), but I feel like this is the perfect step for me, where I am right now. I’ve spent much of 2015 doing a lot of inner work that has helped me shift and change. I’ve become more centered, more happy, as creative as ever, and more trusting that I can succeed as a writer, a teacher, a change-maker.

Now I’ve found a coach I really resonate with, who happens to live in the same area, and is super inspiring.

As far as my other goals go, it’s not like I’ve been lazy or unmotivated, I’ve just been end-of-summer-in-Maine full-on busy. On Monday I was recovering from the festival weekend, spending time with family, and helping my son get ready for college. Yesterday we took a ferry boat to a beautiful island to spend time on the beach, picnicking, making faerie houses, swimming, chatting, and eating ice cream. Today we had a fun field trip to a water park with some of the members of our homeschool co-op. The next couple days include rehearsals and performance for the fundraiser we’re doing Friday night.

I do still plan to make some progress on my weekly goals. At the same time, I’m cutting myself some slack because I can feel the wonderful transformation I’m undergoing. The process, along with the summer adventures, takes energy. So I’m honoring that.

I’m also looking forward to the next steps. My goals next round will certainly be evolving along with my business, though of course my writing is always at the heart of it all. I feel excited, a bit nervous, and incredibly blessed.


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